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Art Dump: Short Stories Final Project

So I took a class on short stories (reading/analysis stuff) this past quarter, in an effort to get me thinking and analyzing for the essay portion of the impending GRE. The class had an interestingly ill-defined final project; we were to do something relating to a story read during the class. And that's about all the guidance given; previous classes had done art projects, plays, criminal files on characters, and so on. Tonight for the presentation there was a short story reading, a short poem reading, a couple of speeches, a couple of powerpoints, and my artish thing.

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Kitty Update

Waited on this one because the last two times things were looking good, there were sudden turns, but he's been in good shape for about a week and a half now, which is a good sign.

He suffered two urinary blockages, was cathetered for both (pulled the first one out though), and after the second is finally on the mend. Urinary blockages are something that's a huge risk for older male cats, and are something that can be fatal within 24-48 hours without expensive treatment (which he got a LOT of over the course of about a week and a half). Right now, though, he's got his energy and appetite back, and is back to being a little brat. If not for the little bare spot on his leg where he had an IV line in, you wouldn't even know he'd been in such bad shape so recently.

A lot of people helped out with donations, and I wanted to say thank you to everyone who did, it really helped a lot, I was able to catch up the rent money I spent on vet services so I don't have to worry about that now. It also helped get his new (very expensive) prescription food he'll be eating for a while. Thanks, everyone, so much. ♥ Hopefully this trend of "doing well" continues for a good long time.
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An additional update:

If you know anywhere to spread my need, please let people know. I can accept paypal donations at alcassel (at) gmail. I don't know if anyone out there can help me at this point but I'm desperate, he needs help.
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I've been absent a bit, I know... but right now I need to unload and I need some feedback/help.

My cat (Dante) has been very sick. He suffered two urinary blockages last week, and I've racked up a lot of vet bills and borrowed a lot of money from people. And while he's made it through so far, with a recheck scheduled only about 12 hours from now I've noticed he's dehydrated again, and earlier he was quite talkative (and I'm not sure but there may have been a cry of pain) when he was in the litterbox. I'm afraid he's relapsed, and I'm not sure how much more of this either of us can handle, nor am I sure how to keep paying for it, other than continuing to borrow from coworkers (one more has offered a loan to me).

I've used my rent money for this, I've applied for and used up a veterinary credit card, I've borrowed a lot of money, and while he looked fantastic yesterday, today he may have relapsed again, or could even be worse. I'm at a complete loss, I don't know what to do, and I'm so stressed by all of this that I can't think through it at all either. Please, if anyone can offer me anything at all for help--anything--no matter what the idea might be, I need it. I'm desperate. I can't lose my kitty and I'm so, so scared I might.
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I am also vicemage on Dreamwidth, and from the headaches I'm getting looking at comment pages, it looks like it's time for me to go, at least until they roll back this update.

(So, y'know, possibly permanently.)

If there's anyone on here who's also there, by all means do let me know and I'll friend you there too, I hate to miss out on things, but the headaches are making it not worth it for me to try to keep up right now.
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For collecting of addressses

Full addresses, and if you're overseas please put it in the format that will best get it to you? These things sometimes confuse me.

Also please note the following:
* If you're willing to take some of the eggless cookies that will be a fairly large part of the total batch
* What date you will be back from any planned holiday travels so I can time your package to arrive after you get back

Comments are screened, so only I will see them! Thank you!
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So... hahhah my resolution to post more. At least this sort of counts? Provoked by people on Plurk...

If you don't want an RP semi-pimped at you, you can stop reading now. :D If you're still with me... well, I'm not going to really go crazy with the pimping, because either the game will appeal to you or it won't! But there's player slots open at Sabra La Tau, the game I play in over on InsaneJournal. (I think there's room right now to 4-5 new players? Not sure, that number was missing in the last update.) It is an AMNESIA GAME. It has PLOT. It has DRAMA and IC CONFLICT. If those things are turnoffs, don't bother looking further. If the idea of a game where your character is stripped of their memories and thrown into an amnesiac murdercave to compete to win back their memories and, ultimately, a potentially world-altering wish and a trip home? Go read the stuff here and consider apping.

Also as a fair warning, there IS an endpoint for the game and it's on the horizon, but honestly? It's about the same amount of time away as the minimum time to good-end a character, so it's not really that big of a deal, and it's fun regardless.

Aaaaand... that's all I have to say on that. Back to procrastinating cleaning ALL THE THINGS.
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Art Sale updated

I've made some updates to my Art Sale going on now. Essentially, I now have an actual number to shoot for, which is higher than I would have liked (hence my need to fundraise for it), so if you want some cheap original art, please do sign on. ^^